Queen Nefertiti Outlines  Papyrus Sheets

Outlined Queen  Nefertiti papyrus sheets are specially prepared for students studying ancient civilizations, history and Egyptology (price is reduced to minimum). They entertain feeling and touching Papyrus - the oldest form of paper in the world- and coloring the impressions of very famous characters such as King Tut, Queen Nefertiti, Queen Cleopatra and monuments such as the Pyramids and Sphinx.

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Outlined Painting Name : 

Queen Nefertiti

Pack of 25 outlined sheets + one FREE Queen Nefertiti colored  hand painting

Available Sizes :

  • 7.9 X11.8 " (20X30 cm)



Queen Nefertiti Outlines  Papyrus Sheets

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Papyrus Outlines Sheets ( pack of 25 + one Free Colored Hand Painting )

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In keeping with a policy of ongoing product improvement, impressions are subject to changes without notice

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