Cleopatra Outlines Papyrus Sheets

Outlined Cleopatra papyrus sheets are specially prepared for students studying ancient civilizations, history and Egyptology (price is reduced to minimum). They entertain feeling and touching Papyrus - the oldest form of paper in the world- and coloring the impressions of very famous characters such as King Tut, Queen Nefertiti, Queen Cleopatra and monuments such as the Pyramids and Sphinx.

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Outlined Painting Name : 

Queen Cleopatra

Pack of 25 outlined sheets + one FREE Queen Cleopatra colored  hand painting

Available Sizes :

  • 7.9 X11.8 " (20X30 cm)




Cleopatra Outlines Papyrus Sheets

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Papyrus Outlines Sheets ( pack of 25 + one Free Colored Hand Painting )

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In keeping with a policy of ongoing product improvement, impressions are subject to changes without notice

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