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The Periods and Dynasties of Ancient Egypt.

Pre-dynastic                                 5500-3500BC

Thinite Period                              3150-2700BC

First Dynasty

Second Dynasty

Old Kingdom                               2658-2185BC

Third Dynasty

Fourth Dynasty

Fifth Dynasty

Sixth Dynasty

First Intermediate Period             2200-2040BC

Seventh Dynasty

Eighth Dynasty

Ninth Dynasty

Tenth Dynasty


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Herbs and Aroma

Alternative Medicine

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Middle Kingdom                          2040-1675BC

Eleventh Dynasty (Theban Dynasty)

Twelfth Dynasty

Thirteenth Dynasty

Fourteenth Dynasty

Second Intermediate Period         1675-1553BC

Fifteenth   Dynasty

Sixteenth Dynasty

Seventeenth Dynasty

New kingdom                              1552-1071BC

Eighteenth Dynasty

Nineteenth Dynasty

Twentieth Dynasty

Third Intermediate Period           1069-715BC

Twenty-first  Dynasty

Twenty-second  Dynasty

Twenty-third  Dynasty

Twenty-fourth  Dynasty

Late Period                                    747- 333BC

Twenty-fifth Dynasty

Twenty-sixth Dynasty

Twenty-seventh Dynasty

Twenty-eighth Dynasty

Twenty-ninth Dynasty

Thirtieth Dynasty

Macedonian Dynasty                        332-304BC

Ptolemaic Period                                304-30BC.

The word Dynasty means a royal house or a sequence of rulers, the successive families that inherited and ruled Egypt.

There were 30 dynasties, varying greatly in length, with some of them overlapping each other.

Reasons for separating the different dynasties are not very clear, but location played a part. The centre of power shifted up and down the Nile Valley.

Pre-dynastic Period 

It corresponds to the new stone age. This period saw the gradual but steady development of agriculture and a settled way of life. The majority of settlements were in the areas of Middle and Upper Egypt, although they extend from the apex of the Delta area as far as the second cataract.

This era was rich in pottery making starting from simple pots to sophisticated designs.

Tombs development as monuments were present although being constructed from mud brick and the corpse was simply wrapped in animals hide.

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