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Ankhesenamun- She married Tutankhamun at the age of thirteen King Tutankhamun was married when he was very young, probably little more than ten years old. The reason for this was that the Egyptian king was expected to have a wife (sometimes more than one) who would have helped him to carry out some of the official religious duties of his office. Tutankhamun married Ankhesenaten, one of the daughters of his father Akhenaten and his stepmother Queen Nefertiti, so she was his half-sister! She was a little older than Tutankhamun himself. Later, Ankhesenaten changed her name to Ankhesenamun, "She lives (ankhes) for (en) the god Amun (amun)". She was originally called Ankhesenpa'aten and she was born in 'Amarna Period probably in the city Akhetaten. During their marriage, she gave birth to two premature children. Itís possible the children died because of close blood relations.

Tut'ankhamun succeeded Smenkhkare' in 1333 BC, but only ruled for 10 years.

     Although she was married to Tutankhamun, she had another husband before him. She was married for a short period to Smenkhare. Itís estimated her marriage was only one to three years. 


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When Tut'ankhamun died, Ankhesenamon took some drastic measures perhaps because she was afraid of the priests and the power of Horemhab, which was growing. Horemhab was stirring up opposition to 'Amarna and the worship of the god Aten. Ankhesenamon wrote to the king of the Hittites, King Suppiluliumash, who was an emerging power in the northern Mediterranean. She offered herself and the throne of Egypt to one of his sons. Prince Zannanza set out for Egypt, but was murdered on the border of Egypt. It is probable that he was killed by Horemhab's military agents.

The man chosen to succeed Tut'ankhamun was Aya, who was master of horse in Thebes. Ankhesenamon was given to Aya as his bride. Some believe that Aya was the father of Queen Nefertiti, which would have made him Ankhesenamon's grandfather. Together, they assumed the throne before Tut'ankhamun was buried. Aya died in 1319 BC, but Ankhesenamon disappeared before his death. She was replaced by Aya's wife, Tey.  


      Little is known about her disappearance as well. During the end of the Amarna Period, a letter written by a queen is sent to the Hittites. This letter asks the king to marry off one of his sons. The letter informs the king about the death of her husband and implies no one is available to take his place. She also explains she would not marry a servant and is feeling scared. When the king sent his son to be wed, he was assassinated on his journey to Egypt. Although this might have been the ending, it may not be true. This same story could also apply to Queen Nefertiti. Whatís known for sure is that this letter did come from the end of the Amarna Period.

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