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He is the vizier of the Third Dynasty Pharaoh Djoser, credited with commissioning the first pyramid, the step pyramid at Saqqara.

 Imhotep was chief architect to the Third Dynasty King Djoser (2687-2668 BC). He is the first master architect we know by name, and was in charge of building the original step pyramid at Saqqara. This pyramid also set a precedent by including a collection of temples, pavilions, corridors, chapels and halls within the enclosure walls.

A commoner by birth, Imhotep's intelligence and determination enabled him to rise through the ranks to become one of the king's most trusted advisors.

He eventually held the offices of High Priest of Heliopolis and Lector Priest, making him a very powerful and influential man whose name is given the great honour of being inscribed on the base of one of the statues of King Djoser

Imphotep was also the physician to King Djoser. Imphotep was considered so important that he was, after his death, was worshipped as a god of healing.

Imhotep's influence lived on well after his death. In the New Kingdom he was venerated as the patron of scribes, personifying wisdom and education.

During the Late Period his veneration extended to deification and he became a local god at Memphis where he was glorified for his skills as a physician and a healer. He is said to have extracted medicine from plants and treated diseases such as appendicitis, gout and arthritis. At Memphis he was served by his own priesthood and he was considered to be an intermediary between men and the gods. It was believed that he could help people solve difficulties in their daily lives and cure medical problems.His tomb has never been found it is likely to be in Saqqara, but he is thought to have served under four kings and lived until the end of the third dynasty (2649 BC).




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