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The ancient Egyptians mainly used chariots for royality and in war. They were drawn by two horses and they could carry two people very swiftly and fastly. 

Chariots were found in the tomb of KING TUT and they are magnificently displayed at the Egyptian Museum.

The tomb of Tutankhamun is unique in the ancient orient in offering the possibility of comparing six almost complete vehicles of this period, not only with one another, but with chariot evidence of all categories - actual, representational and textual, both from Egypt and from other lands. Six chariots, entirely or partly dismantled, had been stacked in the tomb, four of them in the Antechamber and two in the Treasury. The Egyptian army had many chariots of war. There were chariot troops. The chariots were good platforms for shooting arrows at the enemy. Each chariot had two soldiers and was pulled by two horses. In peacetime the soldiers would take part in civil tasks.  The Egyptian chariots were never used to run through the ranks and disorder units. They were far too light and fragile to withstand any significant impact. They were basically used as tools of fear (bunches of horses really scared people) and firing platforms.




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