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KingTutShop The top high quality Egyptian products at affordable prices. Find Egyptian genuine Papyrus blank sheets, Papyrus hand Personalized Zodiac and paintings for Great Pharaohs, 18K Gold Cartouches, Silver Cartouche and Silver cartouches with gold letters. Papyrus Outlines  Sheets, Mother of  Pearl boxes for jewelry and delicate valuables, Photo Frames, paper Clips and Decorative Plates. Get sterling Silver ancient Egyptian style products such as Silver Jewelry, Cartouches. See our large collection of Home Decor items, such as Egyptian Candle Holders, Perfume Bottles, Warmer handmade from pottery or fine glass, handmade Rugs and Tapestries. See also our amazing Egyptology Educational Kits: Make Papyrus at home kit using Genuine Papyrus strips ,Rosetta Stone Replica, Papyrus Outlines for great Pharos and replicas of the Palette Scribing Kit that was used in writing thousands of years ago. These are very useful kits & tools for educational specially K12 schools and researched purposes. Please have frequent visits to as we always add many fantastic new products.    

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Make Papyrus at Home Kit & Strips


Papyrus Kit : Make Egyptian Papyrus at home


This amazing tool allows you make Papyrus paper at home by the same way used thousands of years ago.


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Ancient Egyptian Writing Kit


Ancient Egyptian writing kit


This kit replicates the tools that were used by ancient Egyptians scholars and high rank officials to write on the Papyrus sheets.

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Papyrus hand paintings

. Size 23.6X47.2 in

Papyrus paintings (wall pictures)


.Have an artistic touch at home or give it to the people you love. Available in sizes   7.9 X11.8 , 11.8X15.7, 9.8X23.6" , 11.8X31.5, 23.6X47.2, & 37.5X66.9 in

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  Outlines (Outlined) Papyrus Sheets:


Cleopatra Papyrus Painting.

Egyptian Papyrus Outlines.


Outlines Papyrus sheets  is specially prepared for students studying ancient civilizations, history and Egyptology They entertain feeling and touching Papyrus  and coloring the impressions of very famous characters. 

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Egyptian  Papyrus Paper&  Strips


Egyptian Papyrus Paper.

Egyptian Papyrus Strips

. Papyrus Paper

Papyrus Raw Strips

We offer Light/Dark Papyrus blank sheets and raw strips in different sizes 5.9 X 7.9",  7.9x11.8" , 11.8x15.7", 24.8 x 35" and  35 x 74.8 ". 

Packs of 12,  25, 50, 100 and 250

Papyrus Paper.

Papyrus Raw Strips

Hieroglyphic Template


 Hieroglyphic Template


An indispensable tool for teachers, students, writers, artists, librarians etc that standardizes writing Hieroglyphic letters (symbols)


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Personalized Papyrus Paintings


. Papyrus Paintings.

Write your name in Hieroglyphic or English in this  unique Personalized Handmade Papyrus Paintings for Egyptian  Pharaohs and  Zodiac.

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Egyptian Cartouche


Gold and Silver Cartouches.

Gold Cartouche.


Get your name in Hieroglyphic alphabet in Gold and Silver Cartouche. They are very personal and unique

.Gold  | Silver/Gold Letters | Silver

Gold and Silver Egyptian Jewelry



 Egyptian Gold Jewelry.

Egyptian Gold ring.

Gold Egyptian Jewelry

Gold Ring

. Delight yourself by having a jewelry Pendants that makes you the star of any gathering. It bears culture, art and history. Available in 18K Gold & Sterling Silver.

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Functional Papyrus


Egyptian Stationary.


Papyrus Calendars, Coasters, Book Mark and Mouse Pad. Attractive discount for bulk orders.

 Calendar | Coaster | Book Marks | Mouse Pad

Rosetta Stone and  Egyptian Thrones


Rosetta Stone

Egyptian Thrones


Miniaturized Replica of the Rosetta stone and Thrones that used by the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Rosetta Stone   Egyptian Thrones

Notebooks & Hieroglyphic Stickers.


Notebooks & Hieroglyphic Stickers.


Papyrus-effect Note Book and Hieroglyphic letters stickers. Attractive discount for bulk orders.

Note Books | Hieroglyphic stickers

 Papyrus Boat Miniaturized Replica


 Papyrus Boat Miniaturized Replica


Miniaturized Replica of the Egyptian Papyrus Boat . very good tool for the teachers of history and social studies

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Handmade Mother of Pearl 


The luster of the Mother of Pearl products keeps your eyes shining for ever.

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Boxes  |   Plates  |   Clips  |   Frames

Perfume Bottles


Egyptian Perfume Bottles.

Egyptian Perfume Bottles

 Enjoy the aroma and fantastic colors of the Egyptian glass perfume bottle.

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